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Privacy Policy

Personal data provided by the caller is handled in accordance with applicable domestic and European Union legislations. The processing of this personally identifiable information is based on the prior and voluntary consent of the caller. The consent is automatically created when the caller starts the conversation with Take Me Home By Phone (Hazakísérő Telefon)

Personal information relates to:

We store the recording and the above personal data for up to 60 months.

The caller can refuse to provide Take Me Home By Phone with their surname, phone number, starting point and destination, but this denial of consent needs to be communicated at the start of the phone conversation.

After the conclusion of the phone call, the caller can only revoke his consent by sending his written request to the following address:

Hazakísérő Telefon Alapítvány
(Take Me Home By Phone Foundation)
Selyemfonó utca 2.
1033 Budapest

The processing of the personal information is done by the Take Me Home By Phone Foundation. The caller has the right to be informed of the data that is kept about him/her. Such a request for information has to be sent in writing to the above address. The foundation will respond within 30 days.

The personally identifiable information shared during the phone conversation will not be shared with third parties. All operators and administrators, who are entitled to access this data are bound by an obligation of confidentiality.

There are however situations when we have to pass personal data on to the authorities, a third party, without consent of the caller. Such situations are:

  • If the caller or a third person is in danger, are at risk of bodily harm or death, including from suicide.
  • If we become aware of ongoing neglect or abuse of a minor.
  • If a court order requests us to.
  • If the police ask us for further information in regards to a case in which we asked for their involvement and help.
  • If the caller is threatening or harassing the operator or a person that is legally operating on behalf of Take Me Home By Phone.
  • If the caller is hindering the operator from helping another person, e.g. they keep blocking the phone line on purpose.

Of course, whenever possible (and if there is no imminent danger to life) we will try to persuade the caller to notify the authorities himself/herself or let us do so on his/her behalf. This would also make him/her aware that we are passing personal data on to a third party.

By calling Take Me Home By Phone and using our services, the caller agrees to us providing his/her details to the police without their explicit prior consent in the above-mentioned situations. In such cases, we will provide as little information as necessary to the responsible authorities.

We store the data in a cloud-based telephone system provided by VCC Live Kft. Access to this system is password protected. All operators and administrators are and will continue to be bound by an obligation of confidentiality in the future.

To view the privacy policy of VCC live, please visit vcc-live.hu

Handling personal data of volunteer applicants

The reason we require personal data: To evaluate the suitability of an applicant for a volunteer position.

Basis of processing of this data: Voluntary written consent received from the applicant.

Duration of data handling: If no employment relationship is established between the Foundation and the applicant, the application documentation, CV, motivation letter and reference letter will be destroyed.

If the applicant agrees to be notified of a future vacancy, we will keep his/her application for 6 months with his/her written consent.

Should the applicant be accepted for the volunteer position, the data protection rules for employees will apply.

Applicants are bound to confidentiality.