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Taking you home by phone: The things you need to know

Opening Times

You can call us on 06 80 442 422 (toll-free) if you feel scared or unsafe during your journey home alone at night.

Our phone lines are open between 10pm - 4am Monday - Saturday and between 10pm - 1am on Sunday.

What to expect from the phone conversation

The first thing the Take Me Home By Phone operator will do after taking your call is ask you for your name, phone number, current location and your destination. You don't have to provide us with these details if you prefer not to, but please keep in mind that if we call for help on your behalf it will be hard for law enforcement to come to your aid not knowing who and where you are.

Then you will be reminded to always remain attentive to your surroundings, and not become encompassed by our phone conversation.

The operator will follow your journey on a map, asking you every 2 - 5 minutes for an update on which street you are currently on.

We will stay on the line with you until you safely reach your destination.

Should you need help during your journey, we will send for it.

If you believe that you are being followed, but are not 100% sure and do not want to call 112 for a few 100 meters, you can call us instead. In such a case please immediately provide us with your name, phone number and location.

Please note, Take Me Home By Phone cannot stop an attacker from acting on his urges and from committing a crime, and thus we cannot take responsibility for the actions of such an individual. Unfortunately, not every attacker gets put off by their selected victim talking to someone on the phone. The more experienced and the more uninhibited the criminal is, the less likely it is that our phone conversation will deter him. But what we can do is note down where you are and tell the police where to go to help you.

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Any Questions?

Read our FAQ or contact us.

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We try to answer all calls immediately, but this is not always possible. We apologise in advance.

Anyone, who is harassing our operators or is trying to establish a sexual relationship will not be accompanied home by us and we will end the phone conversation.