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If you feel unsafe or scared going home alone late at night, call Take Me Home By Phone on 06 80 442 422 (toll-free).

Our phone lines are open between 10pm - 4am Monday - Saturday and between 10pm - 1am on Sunday.


About Us

Take Me Home By Phone was launched in Hungary in 2017 to help those, who are forced to walk home alone during the night or very early mornings. We aim to accompany you by phone, so you feel more secure and confident during your journey.

Many have already implemented this concept in their personal lives by calling relatives and friends when they feel scared during their walk home. But one does not always want to wake their loved ones, or they might not be in the vicinity of their phone to accept the call.

In such cases, you can call Take Me Home By Phone. We will stay on the line and by your side, having a friendly chat, so you can reach your destination without feeling. If any situation should arise that requires the aid of the police we will call them for you if you cannot do so yourself.

We hope that one day all of you will start your journeys well prepared and thoroughly planned out, knowing in advance how you will get to your destination, with whom you will travel and always staying suspicious towards strangers, especially if you are going to a new, strange location.

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