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By: Katie Davies (The Calvert Journal)
This new phone service in Budapest will help you get home safe at night

A new hotline has been launched to help people in Budapest get around safely at night. Maren Csiki Molnár’s Guiding Telephone Service means she is on the end of a phone to reassure walkers in the Hungarian capital, taking details of their starting point, route and destination so that she can contact the police in an emergency. More often than not, though, it’s just about a chat ...

By: Lilla Mezei (Daily News Hungary)
Are you afraid of walking home at night? A Hungarian woman will guide you safely all the way

According to Infostart.hu, a new phone line has been launched in Hungary that provides the perfect solution for those being afraid of walking home alone at night. By dialling the number, and paying the regular price, people can feel more secure talking with someone while walking home. Here is the Hungarian person behind the realisation of this great idea in Hungary. ...

Írta: VCC Live
VCC Live® Provides Free Phone Lines to a Phone Service That Helps People Get Home Safely Late at Night

Here at VCC Live®, we’re committed to contributing to social causes, and constantly strive to build a corporate culture that cares about social issues. As such, we’re proud to announce details of the latest social project our solution is being utilized in, a Hungarian phone service called Hazakísérő Telefon (Walk Home Phone Service), including the fact that VCC Live® now provides free phone lines for the service ...

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